The Present

The Company

Steiner - Precision with a future
We look towards the future, grounded on past experience.

Since 1903, when the company was founded, we have focused on producing the highest quality, on-time delivery performance, flexibility and a comprehensive customer service.

"We use our decades of experience, technical skills, specialist know-how and a forward-looking philosophy to find optimum solutions to our customers' challenges and requirements" says Managing Director Dino Steiner.
"Quality is always our primary manufacturing objective, whether for standard parts or parts produced accurately according to the customer's drawings.
"Absolute precision goes without saying".

Which is why the company makes above-average investments in research and development.

"What cannot be bought, we develop ourselves" explains Manager Dino Steiner. For example, all the company's thread lathes are self-built.
In addition, development of new techniques and optimisation of operational processes are ongoing processes.

The company's principal customers are from the hydraulics and fittings industry, the automotive industry (manufacture of compression nuts for the common rail system) and from the sewing machine industry.

The company uses modern machinery and equipment to produce cold- and hot-pressed parts of steel and stainless steel (V4A).

Our daily output:

- 1.2 million compression nuts (steel and stainless steel)
- 220,000 ferrules (steel and stainless steel)
- 30,000 sewing machine spools

The company's workforce of 150 processes about 40 tons of steel in the press shop and about 5 tons in the lathe shop.